compaction machines

Compaction machines - Balers, compactors, other equipments

Pressor has developed a wide range of high quality compaction machines, with varied capacities and options which will allow you to customize your machine according to the needs of your activity. All our solutions, semi-automatic or automatic, save you time and allow you to stay focused on your main activity. Trust us, our machines manage your waste for you!

Discover our balers, compactors and other equipments

We invite you to discover our machines dedicated to the treatment of your waste below. Our balers, compactors and other equipment are designed to process all types of materials, simple or complex and whatever the volume. Do you have specific needs? We can adapt the machines by adding options such as the container lifter or the conveyor for example.

The advantages offered by our compaction machines

+ Increased productivity thanks to fully automatic or semi-automatic systems

+ Optimized internal and external logistics: more floor space and lower transport costs

+ Savings with the sale of raw materials

+ Better working environment

The right equipment for your waste

Paper and cardboard
Portable compactors with standard ram
Stationary compactors
Vertical balers
Horizontal balers

Soft plastic
Portable compactors with standard ram
Stationary compactors
Horizontal balers

Portable compactors with standard ram
Portable compactors with aspiration system
Stationary compactors Compactors for recycling bins collection
Horizontal balers

Wet waste
Portable compactors with pendulum blade
EURO/DIN Collector compactor

Househod waste
Stationary compactors
for waste transfer station

Drum balers


    Portable trash compactors

    A wide range of mobile compactors as well as peripheral equipment designed for the treatment of common industrial waste.


    Stationary compactors

    Our range of stationary compactors is designed for the reduction of you dry waste (cardboard, plastics, paper etc.).

  • portable compactors on truck


    Portable compactors on truck are mainly used for curbside recycling. Pre-sorted industrial waste can thus be economically transported to sorting centers.

  • Gladiator compactor

    The Gladiator crusher

    Our compactors equipped with rollers are our most robust equipment. They are designed to meet the most demanding challenges.

  • standard bin lifter

    Standard bin lifter

    Intended to facilitate operator’s work, bin lifters are designed to tip over bins from 660 to 1000 liters and a maximum weight of 400 kgs.

  • specific bin lifter

    Specific trash bin lifter

    Two ranges have been developed by Pressor to answer customized requests: the JPC and the LCM mounted on rails.

  • compaction containers

    Compaction containers

    An inseparable part of the stationary compactor, the compaction container is used in addition to reduce the volume of your waste more effectively.

  • transfer station

    Transfer stations

    Transfer stations are the solution to optimize transport costs. They include all the facilities that will allow waste to be transferred to the disposal areas.

  • solutions for waste disposal

    Solutions for Waste Management Companies

    Since its inception Pressor has developed a range of specific equipment intended for communities and waste treatment professionals

  • Vertical balers

    Our semi-automatic Inno vertical balers will allow you to reduce the volume of your waste by making bales of 40 to 500 kilos.

  • PRESSE À DÉCHET Saphir 500 AT

    Horizontal balers

    Our horizontal balers are fully automatic and equipped with a vertical or horizontal binding system, at your convenience.