trash bin lifter

Specific trash bin lifter

Our Research Office designed appliances to answer customized studies requested by our customers.

Trash bin lifter : our specific models

Two ranges were mainly developed :


Autonomous, it is intended to be positioned on rails to perform an uniform filling of skip container. It complies with CE standards like any other equipment provided by us.
Weight : 820 kgs
Lateral protection grids on all bin lifters JPC.
It lifts the wheelie bins up to 500 kgs, at a height up to 4,470 m.

If necessary, for loading from building interior, the JPC can be installed in a fixed position.

lève-conteneur JPC
lève-conteneur JPC

The Bin lifter mounted on rails

It is an alternative solution to the bin lifter “JPC”, for an operation

  • from a soil at the same level and a emptying into the hopper of portable compactors (compactor equipped with a standard ram and not with a pendulum ram) positioned side-by-side
  • or from a dock and for a emptying into  skip containers positioned below the dock.