compacteur à rouleau Gladiator

The Gladiator crusher

Efficient equipment for difficult compaction

Our Gladiator crusher is recommended for difficult compactions where other machines cannot be used. Its efficiency comes from its system of rolling in the containers allowing to crush and compact various resistant materials for an optimal reduction of the volume of waste.

Automated equipment

Until 250kg/m3 (cardboard)

compacteur à rouleau Gladiator
Rouleau du compacteur

Materials processed

The Gladiator crusher processed wooden pallets (max 9 tonnes), mixed waste (max 8 tonnes), green waste (up to 7 tonnes) and cardboard (max 6 tonnes).

Compactor description

DESIGNED FOR BULK WASTE – The Gladiator efficiently crushes wooden pallets, PET, huge volumes of cardboard and is used in stores, supermarkets, shopping areas, manufacturing industries and recycling centers.

Below is the brochure of the roller compactor – Gladiator.