Solutions for waste management companies

Solutions for Waste Management Companies - Products

Based on decades of experience, Pressor has developed a specific range of equipment specifically for local authorities and waste management professionals:

  • Mobile compactors on truck
  • Transfer stations
Industrial pre-sorted waste can be delivered cost effectively to the sorting centers and these compactors are mainly used for selective collection. This type of compactor is powered by the truck hydraulic system and is operated by the truck driver using a radio remote control. It can streamline the operation of equipment and vehicles and the truck, which transports the compactor, can also be used afterwards to move other equipment  such as containers, portable standard compactors and skips containers.

Mobile compactors on truck with integrated bin lifters

For Euro wheelie bins 3-5 m³ complying with DIN standard, capacity from 660 -1000 liters)
 collecteur-avec-basculeur1  collecteur-avec-basculeur2

The Euro bin in the range 3-5 m³ ist the classic option for this compactor.

eurocontainer2  eurocontainer1

                  Volume 3 m³                                        Volume 5 m³

Mobile compactors on truck for collection of outdoor recycling bins 

This special portable compactor is dedicated to collect outdoor recycling bins, regardless if located underground or not. It can be equipped with the following additional options:
  • Hopper cover with hydraulic opening system
  • “2D” flap for waste precompacting

collecteur-a-colonnes2  collecteur-a-colonnes1

Transfer station 

When the incineration site or landfill is away from the areas of waste collection, the transfer station is the solution to optimize transportation costs.

According to specifications transmitted to us by our customers, our design office carries out a customized study of each project.

Station de transfert