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After Sales - Worldwide support

SAVN, a national after sales service

PRESSOR relies on SAVN (other subsidiary within the private group ORCA) for the follow-up of the after sales service and maintenance of all equipment it distributes and markets.

Through its field 60 technicians, the After Sales Service National covers the whole metropolitan territory. This proximity network allows to rapidly ensure troubleshooting, maintenance and legal visits on a park of over 6 000 machines.

With this network, PRESSOR After Sales Service operates in the best delay  (between 6 to 24 hours) and performs repairs with the highest efficiency possible.

After sales SAVN

Furthermore, since the beginning of this year, each field technician has computerized equipment and a touch pad which allow him to save time in information processing, spare parts ordering and the following up of machines.

Each technician has a vehicle-workshop to go on customers sites with a suitable set of tools and has permanently at his disposal an exhaustive list of standard spare parts.

The specific parts of the machines are permanently kept in stock at PRESSOR plant and managed by the storeman. All the parts have a nomenclature code which is mentioned in the maintenance book of the machine. If necessary, they may be quickly dispatched, within 24 hours.

PRESSOR offers its customers to have the maintenance of their equipment (bought or rented) ensured by SAVN – according to each case-.

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SAVN offers contracts of after-sales service and maintenance tailored to your requirements and according to degressive tariffs for the following cases :
– Multiple machines on a same site,
– A complete fleet of machines.
The four main options proposed to our customers are:

  • Contract covering four maintenance visits or four safety visits per year
  • Contract covering four maintenance visits and four safety visits per year
  • Full service contract including four maintenance visits and 4 safety visits on 3 years.
  • Full service contract including four maintenance visits and 4 safety visits on 5 years.

If you are located in France, contact Savn for After Sales Support !