transfer stations

Transfer stations

When the incineration site or landfill is away from the areas of waste collection, the transfer station is the solution to optimize transportation costs.

Discover the transfer station

We have developed two types of transfer stations :

  • Equipped with compactors: This solution allows the unloading of the waste into a compactor to quickly and efficiently reduce its volume, which makes possible to manage very large quantities of waste.
  • AMF (Alternating Moving Floor) equipped: This solution makes it possible to unload large volumes of waste into the semi-trailer. The semi-trailers are equipped with an alternating moving floor which allows the transfer of waste.

According to specifications transmitted to us by our customers, our design office carries out a customized study of each project.


Transfer stations are designed for :

Cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, wooden crates, glass, cans and mixed waste.

Main users :

Service providers, waste treatment professionals and local authorities.

The equipment making up a transfer station:

For the transfer station, we can propose :

– STATIONARY COMPACTORS in their most powerful configurations
– HOPPER for a loading from a dock
– SYSTEMS to move the compactors or the compaction containers
– HYDRAULIC HOOK for containers- SHUTTER DEVICE for hopper
– SHUTTER DEVICE for compaction container
– SYSTEMS to prevent a vault of waste in the hopper

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