compaction containers

Compaction containers

Necessary element of the stationary compactor, the compaction box is used in addition to the compactor to reduce the volume of waste more effectively.

Compaction containers : the range

the Pressor compaction container is adaptable to the various configurations considered.

Its capacity can vary from 20 to 35 m³.

Below, general technical specifications of the most requested containers :

Tare weight (kg)
Overall length (mm)
Overall width (mm)
Overall height (mm)
Interior length (mm)
Inner width (mm)
Inner height (mm)
Rounded form walls
Reinforced circles, standard

Upon request, we can study all containervolumes and dimensions, especially for positioning in the basement, etc..

Used in the TRANSFER STATIONS, in waste disposal sites, or for wet waste requiring a special watertightness, the COMPACTION CONTAINER may be equipped with the following options :

– Guillotine frame

– Strengthening for a use in transfer centers

  (reinforced sides – steel sheet of 4 mm thickness)

– Inverted opening (top loading)

– Hatchback door

– Watertightness by seal on the periphery of the door opening

– Flexible cables for shutting

– Extraction cable

– Advertising plates on the sides

– Compatibility container “railway / road”

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