Quality management

Quality management - About us

SACRIA (ORCA subsidiary company) started a quality management process to get ISO 9011 certification in July 2011 (renewed in 2011).

PRESSOR (other ORCA subsidiary company) manages and organizes its activities, according to the same process of quality.

Delivery and installation

PRESSOR implements all necessary measures for the transport, handling and installation of the equipment with the collaboration of specialized and referenced suppliers in our quality process to ensure the best service.

The assembly is carried out by a team of experienced technicians for this type of installation in coordination with the Engineering Department and the Director of our Research Office.

The commissioning, the staff training, and the assistance for the maintenance of the machine are guaranteed by specialized technicians in automation, in hydraulics, and in electricity to refine the focus of the machine.

Qualification of executing personnel 

The after sales service is provided exclusively by our technical staff whatever the areas, to maintain equipment reliability, and its effectiveness in interventions.

The technicians are qualified after receiving an internal training on machines by our suppliers, on the hydraulic and automatic sub-assemblies, or by external agencies.

Prevention measures implemented on hygiene and safety

PRESSOR respects the ordinances in force on hygiene and safety (wearing safety clothing, safety shoes and helmets)
Continuing training program of personal : empowerment electric. Low Voltage B1 – B2 – BR – BC
Authorization to drive handling machines (forklifts)

The organization about quality assurance

The materials and equipment manufactured and sold by PRESSOR are certified ISO 9001.

PRESSOR has established :
– A mastery of the various technologies such as hydraulic, automation, mechanics, boiler, electricity;
– An optimum production, scalable with traceability of products manufactured;
– An evaluation and qualification of different suppliers;
– A qualification, training to develop the skill level of staff;
– A listening of customers about relations, claims, processing corrective and preventive actions.