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Whatever your activity, your needs, the desired capacity or even the type of waste, Pressor has the solution. We have developed a very wide range of tailor-made adaptable solutions to meet each specificity.

Mobile or stationary compactors, do not hesitate to contact us to work out the most appropriate solution together.

Once your machine is installed, it takes care of everything!

Compactors are divided into three main categories:

  • Mobile compactors :

They respond to implementation issues. They are intended specifically for dry and resistant waste from processing industries.

  • Stationary compactors :

They are designed to treat dry waste, DIB (non-hazardous industrial waste) and bulky materials such as cardboard and paper.

Pressor, the good choice for your compactor

  • A wide range of products

Our compactors treat all of your waste, whether it is dry, wet or bulky. Our range meets your expectations.

  • Certified equipment

All our equipment and of course our waste compactors meet the standards certifications (CE, AFNOR and INRS). *

  • Pre-sale advice

Our sales representatives are there to serve you and to best fill your specifications. They will study with you your needs : type of waste, capacity, available space, etc.

  • Waste recovery

Through all of our compactors, our goal is to optimize transport filling in order to reduce costs. You can also opt for our vertical balers and our horizontal balers.



    Portable trash compactors

    Our portable compactors take up about the same space as a standard container but can hold up to 6 times more volume. They are transportable and easy to relocate within your premises.

  • Stationary compactors

    The stationary compactors are developed for really large volumes, and the generous infeed enables continuous loading of material while the machine is in operation. There is a fixed installation of the compacting device while the container is disconnected when emptying it.