Compaction Know-how - Discover our equipments

Pressor offers compaction solutions to efficiently process a wide variety of recyclable materials and types of waste.


Every organization generates waste. Although there is a legal framework to ensure its management, having a voluntary and clear approach can quickly become very profitable: better internal and external logistics, space saving, transmission of positive values ​​focused on respect of the environment.

Compaction gives value to your waste

Our equipment allows you to sort waste at source and make the management of your waste profitable, firstly in production, but also through the sale of raw materials. This recycling of waste, which consists of using materials several times, therefore has not only an economic advantage, but also an ecological one.

Managing waste in business: implementation

You want to adopt a waste management approach in your organization but you do not know where to start? Here are the main key steps.

  • First, take stock of the waste produced: what materials? what volumes?
  • Then check what your legal obligations are with regard to this production of waste.
  • Estimate the amount allocated to the disposal of your waste.
  • Then Pressor is there to advise you! We are at your disposal to find together what will be the most suitable solution for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will take note of your request as soon as possible