Brickman - Products

How does Brickman work? Watch the animation on YouTube!

Automatic solutions that generate compact briquettes

The Brickman product family turns large amounts of waste into small briquettes for recycling. The presses rapidly minimize the volume of waste in a cost-effective way and diminish the need for internal transportation. They keep aisles, passageways and other spaces free from clutter. Brickman offers timesaving and comfortable waste handling as the presses can be fed while running – there is no shutter to open when loading the material and the ready briquettes require no binding.

Why Brickman?

  • Convenient, fully automated compaction solutions
  • Impressive volume reduction of up to 20:1
  • Placement opportunities indoors thanks to the compact design and low sound emission

PRESS FORCE: 25 ton CAPACITY: up to 300 – 1400 kg/h